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Ask Me Monday

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Have you ever wanted to ask an educational professional about how to adapt curriculum? Do you need help teaching a particularly concept? Are you interested in education topics but either don’t know how or don’t have time to research the answer? I am starting a new blog column where you can get your education, behavior, and parenting questions answered called Ask Me Monday.

About Me


  • I am currently a homeschooling mom. My children have some learning and behavioral needs.
  • My professional experience began as a special education classroom teacher. I have worked in both public and private school settings. Most of my experience is in working with autistic children. I have also taught children with mild to moderate intellectual disability.
  • I briefly worked as a habilitation provider for language and behavior therapy.
  • College professor teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses in special education and behavior.


  • B.S. in Speech & Hearing Science
  • M.Ed. in Special Education
  • Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction.
  • 15 credit hour certificates in Positive Behavior Support
  • 15 credit hour certificate in Autism.

Ask Me Monday

Each week I will pick one question to answer about education, curriculum, homeschooling, teaching, parenting, behavior, etc. You can really ask me anything. Names of those submitting questions will be kept confidential. The parameter for a submitted topic is that it must be narrow enough for me to cover in one blog post. If you submit a topic that cannot be covered in one blog post, I will still consider covering it, but just not part of “Ask Me Monday.”

Question Preference

I am giving question preference to members of our Facebook community and to those on my e-mail list. CLICK HERE to sign up.

How to submit a question:

To submit a question you can send me an e-mail at Please put “Ask Me Monday” in the subject line.

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