Photo of broken crayons in a rectangular silicone mold with the caption: DIY Waldorf block crayons

DIY Waldorf Block Crayons

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Waldorf education is known for integrating art throughout the school day. High quality block crayons are used to 1) explore lines, curves, and shapes and 2) for creating beautiful masterpieces to go along with stories and lessons. This block crayon tin contains 8 crayons and costs $14.95. Although I love the idea of high quality block crayons, I decided to create DIY Waldorf Block Crayons.

The main reason for the DIY version is that there is no way I am letting my kids have crayons that are not washable. I have had to paint over walls and had other materials completely ruined by non-washable crayons. I now only keep washable art supplies. If a little gets on clothing, cabinets, or the table, I just wash or wipe it off.

In addition, I really do not want to spend $15 on 8 crayons. Crayola crayons may not be able to match the same even texture and blending capabilities of premium beeswax crayons, but they are good enough for me.

How to make your own DIY Waldorf Block Crayons


  • New or Old broken crayons with the paper removed. I prefer the Crayola Brand. Although Crazy Art crayons are cheaper, when melted, they separate into layers. A side view of 3 rectangle waldorf style crayons, red, blue, and yellow.If you look at the photo to the right, you can see a lighter and a darker layer. The lighter layer actually won’t color at all. I have not had this issue with Crayola crayons.

  • Silicone mold with rectangular cavities
  • A cookie sheet to stabilize the mold



broken crayons in a rectangle silicone mold

broken crayons in a rectangle silicone mold

  • Place silicone mold on cookie sheet for stability. I put mine on a $1 Walmart cookie sheet. I will not do that again. One end of the cookie sheet bent during heating and caused my melted crayons to spill into other cavities in the bottom right corner. So, use a higher quality cookie sheet.
  • Remove paper from crayons. Sort by color and break to fit in each cavity. In this photo, you can see I put in some of my old block crayons to refresh them.
  • Melted crayons in a silicone rectangle moldPut in oven and set the temperature to 325 degrees. Watch closely and take out when the crayons have completely melted. My oven does not heat evenly, so I can not give you an exact time. Mine were ready to come up after 20 minutes, but the oven was not preheated. If you preheat your over, they will melt more quickly.
  • Remove from oven and set out to cool. Once the cookie sheet is cool enough, you can also speed the process by refrigerating.
  • Remove from the mold and store in your preferred container.Waldorf style rectangle crayons on a cookie sheet

How to Use DIY Waldorf Block Crayons

These crayons are fun to use. The DIY Waldorf Block Crayons are perfect for filling in large areas on paper with color. You may need to show young children how to hold a crayon on its side when coloring large areas. The corners can be used for finer details. These crayons would also be good to use when creating rubbings with objects, using fashion plates, or any other texture rubbing plate.




Make other fun crayon shapes for Holidays gifts

Use other silicone mold shapes for special occasions. These make great stocking stuffers, basket fillers, or make a great Valentine!


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