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4th of July Toddler Art Flag with Dot Paint

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On Independence Day we celebrate the birth of our nation, the United States of America. This holiday is commonly observed with fireworks, parades, and barbecues. Citizens often show patriotism by displaying the American flag on this national holiday. Celebrate Independence Day with children by completing a fun art project. My toddlers love to dot paint, so I created this 4th of July toddler art flag activity. After showing them what to do, each of my young children were able to complete the project independently.

Supplies4th of July toddler art flag with supplies, 2 crayons, red dot paint, and star stickers

I have similar dot paint sets. They are washable and work well. The second set comes with more colors.


My original plan was to cut a blue rectangle out of construction paper. That plan was foiled by being out of blue paper. So, instead we colored the rectangle area with blue crayon. Color with the side of a fat crayon or the side of a rectangular Waldorf style crayon.

Learning Objectives

  • Copy a model
  • Color within lines
  • Use fine motor skills for painting within the dots
  • Practice fine motor skills while placing small stickers on paper


  • Cut a blue rectangle and glue on the flag or color the rectangular area blue
  • Dot paint red in each circle
  • Put star stickers in the blue rectangle area

Completed 4th of July toddler art projects:

This first one is my model.

sample flag art

This one was completed by a 2 year old.

A 4-year old completed the one below.2 year old flag art

4 year old flag art


The last one was completed by a 5-year old. She said she didn’t like it because the blue rectangle wasn’t pink.5 year old flag art




I hope you enjoyed this art project! My kids love doing art and this one is just right for practicing fine motor skills with young children.

To expand the activity, tie it into a holiday book from Amazon or your local library. Here are my picks:


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